Why I like Rust better than Python

As many of you know, I’ve recently become infatuated with Rust and have started using it much more than Python, which used to be my favorite language. I have decided to create a list of reasons why I’ve switched.

No, this blog is not dead

I’m sorry that I havn’t made any posts for a few months. I’ve been really busy with school and other stuff and haven’t had any time left for this blog. I am going to try and write some more soon.

Rust to the Web

Rust has recently gained support for compiling to asm.js and WASM via emscripten. This means that it is now possible to code in Rust and then deploy to a website! In this post I’ll explain how you can do this yourself.

Rusty (Markov) Chains

In this article we are going to create a Rust project that generates real looking but random text using Markov chains.

Hello, World!

I’ve finally decided to create a blog. I’ve thought about doing it before, but I’ve always been too preoccupied with other things, like programming and school. I’m still pretty busy with those things, so why have I decided to start now?